Brand Story

Brand Story

A cotton forest cozily sprouts up underneath the clear sky. In a forest where time flows rather than hurries, organic cotton is grown under the blessing of the heavens and the earth. This is the first organic natural fashion to be clad in the time and abundance of nature.

Natural Organic Fashion

  • Fashion with philosophy supplemented by coexistence between humans and nature, good health for the family, and Love between neighbors
  • Eco-friendly fashion that eschews flashiness in favor of the soft and deep beauty of nature
  • Worthwhile fashion worn with meaningful value instead of high prices
  • Devoted fashion imbued with a mother’s sensitivity, from the production of raw materials to each stitch in the sewing process.
  • Fashion that is famous for its excellent quality and not for its brand name


Some people ask why we refuse to budge from the rugged and difficult path of organic fashion, pointing out that few, if any, will acknowledge our efforts.

They ask why we willingly put ourselves through all this trouble when there are so many products considered ‘organic’ that are made with only the bare minimum amount of care.

To such questions, we offer the following answer:
We simply wish to provide our customers with true gifts that are the result of our blood, sweat, and tears.
Bless Nature exists today precisely because we were blessed with customers who acknowledged our efforts and honesty with their love and trust. As we refuse to betray this long-earned trust, we seek to repay their unyielding faith in us, no matter how much longer and harder the work may be.

This is the meaning behind Bless Nature’s existence and the true significance of our business. We may be simply making articles of clothing,

but if a single article of clothing can bring happiness to families and health to society, then perhaps humanity can come to learn and live with each other. That is the future that Bless Nature dreams of!