Lydia R&C

Since its establishment in 2000, Lydia R&C Co., Ltd.
has produced premium home textile products to export to Northern Europe / the Americas / Russia / etc.
and supplied microfiber blankets to Germany’s QVC (No. 1 in sales among German home shopping channels),
recording over USD 20 million in annual sales.

The symbol of Lydia R&C, which evokes the image of the eyes of 3 needles, illustrates its pride
as a professional textile company that has produced and sold bedding, clothing, and other textile
products for over 20 years.
Each and every member of the Lydia R&C Co., Ltd. family is constantly growing through passion
and trust, which in turn leads to the realization of values that allow them to do their best to share
their happiness with the customers. Lydia R&C will continue to pursue its goal of contributing to
the human beings with healthy products that can be trusted and used under the motto of
‘We share happy life with human beings by healthy products.’

The Greatest Value is ‘Happiness’

Every member of the Lydia R&C family works and communicates together in a joyful environment
and considers the happiness of all related personnel : the employees themselves,
the company, partner companies, family members of the employees, customers, etc.
as the highest priority in an ever-changing environment..


We have established growth plans for 1, 3, 5, and 10 years into the future, and are doing our best to ensure that we can make our dreams and goals come true.


We acknowledge diversity by embracing many types of fresh ideas, and work to create a comfortable and happy lifestyle that lets us provide rest to our customers in an ever-changing environment.


We are working to create a proper
corporate culture where everyone is full of passion and respects one another.