Management Center Team

  • Team Mission : Hire and provide education to talented people who are suitable for the company/job and foster their continued growth through fair assessment and rewards.

Sales and Marketing Team

  • Team Mission : Work towards sales goals based on thorough market analysis and
    pioneer a sturdy expansion of business.

Production Development Team

  • Team Mission : Actualize product prices that have competiveness in the market and make efforts to ensure a smooth supply of products.

Brand Design Team

  • Team Mission : Deploy a creative and complete brand image online and offline, and help your brand grow.

Product Design Team

  • Team Mission : Create representative designs that fit the brand’s concept to contribute to enhanced sales.

Logistics Center Team

  • Team Mission : Through establishing efficient logistic processes and reduce costs, provide value-addded logistics services.

Customer Happiness Team

  • Team Mission : Through accurate customer contact and a sincere service, help enhance brand value.