JP Seminar (Education System for the Entire Staff)

A monthly book seminar for all employees that promotes self-development and teamwork

Reading one book a month

Having a session with renowned lecturers

Debate and workshop

Team-based activities

Ambassador System

A culture that seeks to help new employees adjust quickly by designating a senior staff (existing employees)
within the team to provide various forms of guidance

Eating lunch together

Having afternoon teatime together

Sharing small talk over what
happened during the weekend

Teaching how to write company
forms such as expense reports
and requests for yearly leave

Corporate Culture

Beginning of the Year Ceremony
/ Year End Ceremony

The first business day of the year
/ the last business day of the year

Personal Cups and Tumblers

Members of the Lydia family should keep this in mind
for the sake of preserving the environment.

Horizontal Culture

Refer to one another using English names,
omit honorifics


Exceptional employees will be provided support for overseas outings every year

Family Friendly
Corporate Management

Various methods,
such as flexible work systems

Lydia Talent Education
and Culture

New / Career employees 3 months education System
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